Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of the very kind words that Vicky's clients have written about her...

I recommend Vicky 100%.

She helped my husband and I manage our precious cat Ben during building work on our home. Vicky's work is outstanding and she is very generous with her time.

Help with our re-directed aggression issue

Vicky, thank you for all of your help with our re-directed aggression issue. When Denise, our Burmese female, was attacked by a stray cat we had no idea that she could then associate that incident with Dora, our young female Burmilla. The results were extremely distressing as Denise would constantly attack Dora, with the intention of causing her serious harm. Until you stepped in to help us, we were seriously contemplating having to give one of our cats away, which would have been simply awful for us. We are especially thankful for the immediate telephone support that you gave us, before we had even received the referral from our vet. This helped us manage the situation until your visit. I’m very pleased to say that our cats now tolerate each other again and, whilst they will probably never be best friends, we will be forever grateful to you for preventing the heartbreak of having to part with one of our little girls. Thanks again Vicky

JH – London

I cannot recommend Vicky enough

We were at the end of the road with my 14 year old cat who had almost a years history of terrible inappropriate toilet behaviour and it was a last resort before considering having her rehomed or possibly put down. I must admit I did not have much hope it would work as I thought I had already tried everything possible. However after a consultation with Vicky, she helped to change our mind-sets which I think was part of the problem as well as a few very minor changes to her living area and literally within days the bad behaviour stopped and a month later has not returned. I would never have believed such huge changes could occur in such a short space of time. I thank you Vicky from the bottom of my heart.

I was at the end of the line

Thank you so much Vicky for all your help and suggestions and support. When I think back to the phone call I made to you booking the home visit ... I was at the end of the line and had no idea what to do other than try and find Harry a new home. So we really have come a long way. You have been an absolute life saver. Huge and many, many thanks ...

Vicky is a very kind

Vicky is a very kind, friendly and extremely well informed professional in her field. We made contact with her for a telephone consultation due to the huge distance from her to our home making a home visit very difficult. She picked up our dilemma of re-directed aggression between our mother and daughter cats, halfway through our trauma, when we found her very informative web sites. She guided us through this awful experience with kindness and knowledge and continuing support. Please don't hesitate to contact Vicky Halls and you could have very happy loving cats again. Thank you Vicky.

J.K and K.K. Hull

A saint in our house!

Thank you for your complete brilliance in solving Paul's problems with using the bed and sofa instead of the litter tray! You are something of a saint in our house!

So grateful

We often talk about you and tell people the work you did with our cats, it's always a funny story but we remain so grateful that you brought them round.

Magic Touch

I think that Vicky must have a magic touch – even at the end of a phone! After three weeks of putting Vicky’s advice into practice, we have a much nicer cat, who is friendly and no longer bites hard or attacks us. I would just like to say again that I really appreciated talking to Vicky on the phone earlier this month – it was such a help to get realistic and sensible advice, as well as being able to believe that there was a way forward which didn’t involve re-homing or euthanasia. I am really grateful! Things seem to be working out.

Worth every penny

The telephone consultation was hugely helpful and most illuminating. I had been worrying about how to help my two cats get on better; Vicky helped me to understand the difference between my concerns and what's really concerning my cats by helping me to think about life from their point of view. By making some simple, small changes to relieve stress, the house feels completely different and my little darlings are much happier. Worth every penny.

Heartfelt thank you

Hello Vicky. I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the time you took to look through my 'cat history' and account of what has been happening for our telephone consultation. I really enjoyed talking to you - so much so I could have chatted for hours, but I guess you get that all the time! The consultation was so very useful and has allowed me to feel so much more confident about how I'm managing my feline household now.

I would recommend Vicky to anybody

I found Vicky Halls to be an expert, calm and reassuring voice when I couldn't seem to find any other answers. The behaviour of my 12-year-old cat, Sinead, had become progressively more erratic in recent years. The loss of her twin brother several months ago had brought matters to a head. I was at a loss to explain how to improve things until I spoke to Vicky. Even without meeting us and following only two telephone consultations, her guidance has prompted significant, rapid and positive change. No massive differences were needed but Vicky identified key elements capable of producing benefits for both Sinead and myself. We may both still be grieving but we have made great strides towards enjoying our remaining time together. I would recommend Vicky to anybody in a similar situation.

Singing your praises

UPDATE: I have, as you'd suggested, made relatively small adjustments to my routine and the way that I interact with her. The changes have been incredible. To find our way back from the position we were in to where we currently are is something that I'm truly grateful for. I have been singing your praises to anyone and everyone who I've come across in a remotely similar situation.